Bringing Color to Your Kitchen: 10 Strikingly Colorful Kitchen Designs to Inspire

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When we look at this kitchen, we can’t help but think of a bumbles with the black and yellow striped wall. And, let’s be honest, the design works well! With yellow cabinets featuring modern fixtures, we love the contrast of the white walls against the yellow cabinetry and slate black floor. Our favorite detail is in the added paneling around the light fixture that works to finish the look.


Back in the 1950s and 1960s, lime green was often a popular color choice for kitchens. Here, you can see that it is obviously making a comeback. In this vintage throwback, we love the use of lime green in the lower cabinets against the white hanging cabinets above. With a compact design, the look is finished well with natural accent pieces that include foliage and vegetables.


With a wide array of colors enhanced by both natural and hanging lights, this kitchen promotes positive energy. With a mix of dark stained cabinets and beautiful stone countertops, the kitchen is enhanced with white walls accented by red. The lighting fixtures bring in a beautiful yellow and red that mirrors the color of the accented walls as well as the yellow undertones of the countertops.


A purple color palette is often seen in the bedrooms of young girls and teenagers. However, this kitchen brings lavender to life with elegant accents from floor to ceiling. With a mix of purple and white cabinetry, the stark white walls and lavender ceiling are a beautiful combination paired with the striped curtains and white fixtures. We love the artisan backsplash that truly creates a focal point for this charming space.

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