Bringing Color to Your Kitchen: 10 Strikingly Colorful Kitchen Designs to Inspire

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Here, we see another purple kitchen with an entirely different feel and design. With a retro style, the purple cabinets and white countertops create a crisp look especially with the use of the white and steel barstools against a subtly patterned floor. For added color, the use of light blue tiles for the backsplash creates a whimsical effect that is paired nicely with stainless appliances and white walls.


A dark red can often be tricky to pull off in any room but we love the modern and sleek look in this kitchen! The clean lines of the cabinetry work well with this L-shaped kitchen with a square and rectangular patterned design that is mirrored in the square floor tiles. The stainless steel appliances and the modern stove vent hood add to the overall design.


Neon green is usually reserved for Oregon’s football uniforms as many have seen during games. However, there’s something special here with the use of lime green in this kitchen that makes this room come to life. With lime green cabinetry, lighting and chairs, we love the use of the darker green wall as a contrast or foundation for the design. With a white table, floors and curtains, this bold room is crisp and edgy. t.

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