True New York Charm: 12 Photos from the Home of Neil Patrick Harris

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The star of the hit sitcom How I Met Your Mother, Neil Patrick Harris has once again become a household name since his child stardom on Doogie Howser, M.D. Harris has broken the trend of child stars by revitalizing his career into that of a true showman, especially during his time hosting the Academy Awards. Now, Harris and husband, David Burtka, have made the move from sunny Los Angeles to New York City with their twins and two dogs. In a glorious new house, the couple opened their doors for an inside look at their exquisite home.


Always the showman, a sneak peek into Harris’ home office proved to be quite difficult. Why? Harris had the contractors place a trick door in the home to hide the entry to his workspace. From his eclectic style to his witty humor, we have no doubt that there is much more magic waiting in the rest of the house.


From showmanship and tricks to elegance and sophistication, the home does not disappoint. The master bedroom features a massive fireplace surrounded by slate gray walls and rustic hardwood floors. Take a closer look at the mantle to see one of Harris’ prized purchases. This is a mantelpiece from the 1800s that he bought especially for this room.


One of our favorite of many looks in the home is the large master bathroom that is both simple and extravagant. From the tiled floors to the large mirror and chandelier, the black and white theme is accented by tub décor and the gold hue of the chandelier itself. The subway tiled shower is a room in and of itself, featuring large glass-paned doors that run floor to ceiling in a tribute to Japanese structures.

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