True New York Charm: 12 Photos from the Home of Neil Patrick Harris

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Though this room may be considered small by traditional standards, for a New York home, this is a rather large space. Continuing with the slate gray décor in the master bedroom, the room boasts lighter walls and darker, contrasted bunk beds with coordinating linens. From the fun rug to the Roman shade, this room is perfect for twin boys!


The master bedroom has less architectural appeal that many anticipated for the home but, the décor more than makes up for it. With the custom designed wallpaper serving as the focal point of the room, the linens and couch all reflect the same slate grey and blue color palette. With a custom bed large enough for a couch rather than a stool, this room must be quite spacious.


The living room, or den as some prefer to call it, is a throwback to the art deco areas with numerous pieces of memorabilia lending to Harris’s love of magic and showmanship, much like his character on How I Met Your Mother. With a mix of color and appeal, this living room looks well used and comfortable from the leather couch to the desk and even the guitars sitting nearby.


The salon sits on the main floor of the home and features a vintage western design. In fact, the bar was actually taken out of an old hotel in Connecticut and restored for use. From the historic bar to the vintage red couch and the mantle, this room is a fine tribute to the old west and features gorgeous long and narrow doors that offer ample natural light.

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