18 Rare Photos From Inside The Richest Man In The Worlds Home

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The Gates pool is so crisp and clean that it seems like it’s an extension of the deck floor. Did you miss it at first glance? Located in its own 3,900 square-foot building, the 60-foot pool is filled with crystal clear water and features a floor painted in an ornate fossil motif. Swimmers can even enjoy the underwater music system as they dive under a glass wall and emerge outside near the terrace. With minimal furniture and décor, the pool is made even more luxurious by its amenities the best, of which, is the view of Lake Washington and the city of Seattle.

#3 – The Master Bathroom Sinks

These sinks in the master bathroom most likely cannot be found anywhere else than in the Gates home. Wall-mounted fixtures extend to an oval ring that distributes the water in a funnel-shape. While the fixtures are fascinating and simple, we can’t help but also love the gorgeous copper tile that truly enhances the stone sink and stainless faucets! We can only imagine what the other 23 bathrooms look like!

#2 – A View to Kill

One of the most breathtaking views from the Gates home is on the top floor of the house and is tucked away in its corner. A traditional covered patio opens to a blue-floor illuminated by blue lighting and offering exquisite views of Lake Washington and Seattle. From the minimalistic seating to the way the blue lighting seamlessly transitions into the horizon, this is our favorite spot in the house and, we imagine, is one of Gates’ favorites as well.

#1 – Modern Kitchens

Much like the other rooms in the house, the luxury of six kitchens situated throughout the 66,000 square-foot estate is always subtle. One of main kitchens pictured here features a floor-to-ceiling glass wall offering landscaped views and natural wood floors. Dedicated to entertaining guests (and why not with a house this big), this kitchen offers a refrigerator as well as wine storage and two more bar areas on each side of the center island. We can only imagine what the other five kitchens have to offer!

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