14 Jaw-Dropping Walk-In Closets

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An open air closet that is very simplistic, and has the same feel of a locker room that is fit for the most luxurious sports team in the world. Not as busy as the other ones, but gets the job done just the same.


A rare circular closet is just as functional as any of the rest, and gives a unique look that appears just as large, if not larger, as the others. Cabinets are a bit tricky to put in, but it is worth the trouble.


A walk-in closet with a glass exterior that allows you to see into it, so you still have a feel of the walk in closet without feeling like you were trapped in a completely different room.


Dark wood with plenty of space on the racks, as well as a top shelf rack for shoes and other smaller items. A wall for each type of design and a simple open floor design.

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Another glass exterior walk-in closet with a curtain to allow for privacy if dressing inside. There is a display in the middle for clothing that you plan on wearing soon and a chandelier to top off the luxury look.


A sliding glass and wood door gives this walk-in closet a Japanese feel and helps the room to feel more open, which in turn makes it seem larger. Not as large as some of the others, but it looks that way from the outside.

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