Welcome to the Buffet Estate: 14 Rare Photos from Inside Billionaire Warren Buffet’s Private Estate

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Warren Buffet is the third wealthiest individual in the world. Buffet’s cool $47 billion net worth fixes him behind Carlos Slim and Bill Gates, both of whom have incredibly complex and massive homes. In contrast to extravagant mansions like Slim’s and Gates’s, Buffett has chosen to live a modest lifestyle, which has gained him great respect. Although Buffett spends the majority of his time in a small Omaha, Nebraska home, he recently owned a beach house. Despite having recently sold the property, we found 14 mind-numbing and rare photos from Buffet’s beach home that are sure to shock you.


The bathrooms in this Laguna Beach home are far from massive in size but they offer great luxury and beautiful styles. Here, the simple design features a neutral color palette with white cabinets and light brown cabinetry that is reflected in the wicker baskets and window shade. The shower is lined floor-to-ceiling with beautiful grey tile that is a gorgeous contrast to the stainless steel faucet and showerhead.


This pool and patio area boasts the true beauty of life in Laguna Beach. The in-ground pool offers a gorgeous view of the Pacific Ocean and is enhanced by palm trees, which reflect beautifully on the crystal blue water. From the lounge chairs to the covered area that features a large television and extra seating, this is a beautiful area for both entertaining and relaxation.


The entryway into Buffet’s beach home is inviting and elegant with its light color palette and dark wood floors. A spiral staircase features floating wood stairs tucked into the alcove of the space. The entry room just off of the front door is gorgeous with its white paneled ceiling and black accent pieces like the large mirror and freestanding coat rack.

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