Welcome to the Buffet Estate: 14 Rare Photos from Inside Billionaire Warren Buffet’s Private Estate

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From the gorgeous entryway to the top of the spiral staircase, Buffet’s home is filled with beach style. Here, at the top of the stairs, is an open view out of the circular roof and offers a nest-type feel. With the vertical paneled walls, the unique shaped ceiling enhanced by paneling and exposed beams make a beautiful focal point for this small space.


Admittedly, the master bathroom is a bit larger than the previous bathroom on the list. While Buffet maintains a modest design throughout his house, this room offers simple luxury and style. The skylight and window provide natural light ta enhances exposed beams featuring track lighting. A glass shower features white tiles and a seat for ultimate relaxation.


This room allows guests exquisite views of the Pacific Ocean from its wide open window structure. The white paneled walls and ceiling create a clean palette that ensure that beautiful view is the focal point of the room. We love the bamboo shades and the white angle of the white paneled ceiling.


Offering an open style design, the large dining room is anchored by a wood table and numerous chairs. The hanging fixture is unique in design with candles offering intimate lighting. Dark wood floors enhance all white walls, allowing the focus to be on the table itself.  Glass doors and windows create additional space and offer a view of the lush landscape surrounding the patio.

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