Welcome to the Buffet Estate: 14 Rare Photos from Inside Billionaire Warren Buffet’s Private Estate

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Offering both an outdoor and indoor features, this gorgeous screened porch is ideal for sunrises and sunsets. Don’t you agree? With a supreme view of Laguna Beach, the wide screens and simple décor ensure that the focus remains on the crystal waters of the Pacific. We love the multi-purpose functionality as well as the shades that block excess summer heat.


This in-kitchen dining area does not boast excessive décor; rather, in keeping with Buffet’s style, it is understated, functional and elegant. Anchored by a hanging candle-lit chandelier, the large table is surrounded by plush chairs and a bench. Windows surrounding the room add natural light and white cabinets contrasted with dark floors add charm to this cozy kitchen and dining area.


With a refrigerator the size of a walk-in closet, we absolutely love everything about this kitchen! A skylight opens the room and offers natural light over the stove in addition to large windows just beyond the dining suite. The dark hardwood floors are contrasted nicely against white cabinetry and stainless appliances to create a clean and modern look.


The main sitting area in Buffet’s beach home keeps with the simplistic and elegant design of the rest of the home. Exposed beams in the ceiling are anchored by columns in the room, grounded by dark hardwood floors and a printed rug. The large black framed mirrors are a beautiful addition to the space to reflect the gorgeous landscape just beyond the walled window. From ample seating to the stone fireplace, what’s not to love about this room?

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