Welcome to the Buffet Estate: 14 Rare Photos from Inside Billionaire Warren Buffet’s Private Estate

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This window offers a beautiful view from the sitting area. From the comfort of the couch, Buffet and family enjoy the expansive views of Laguna Beach with its towering palm trees to the crystal blue waters and other beach bungalows. This is truly a summer dream home even for someone with modest tastes like Buffet.


The side view of the home is exquisite and boasts true architectural beauty with its interesting shapes and tiered levels of design. Brick parking spaces and walkways contrast nicely against the off-white stucco with added splashes of color in the green shrubbery used in the landscape. With numerous balconies and a gorgeous view, this summer home is truly impressive.


A front facing view of the home reveals a lower level two car garage as well as a better look into the beauty of the varying levels and design. Just to the left of the garage, you can see the spiral staircase from earlier in our list as well as the various balconies that offer beautiful Laguna Beach views. With beauty like this, it’s no wonder the home sold in 2005 for $5.4 million.

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