Let’s Get Cooking: 14 Photos from Top Celebrity Chef Home Kitchens

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With the expansion of cable networks across television, many do-it-yourself and how-to shows surrounding have launched into the realm of television to transform the world of cooking and home improvement. Cooking shows span cupcake bakeoffs to celebrity matchups featuring timed competitions and harsh judges, many of which launch chefs to celebrity status. Because of these shows, chefs are finding it easier to gain wealth and fame, allowing them the luxurious of A-list celebrities. Take a look at these 14 photos from inside the kitchens of these top celebrity chef homes. They are sure to inspire!


Chef Gordon Ramsay is the host of several different cooking shows, most of which are challenged based for contestants. Because of his rocket-like launch into stardom, it is no surprise that he chose to expand his home kitchen. Here, we see a simple design offering plenty of counter space, storage and a wall of refrigerators.


Australian celebrity chef, Curtis Stone, appeared on The Celebrity Apprentice recently. Stone has a smaller sized kitchen that packs a big punch when it comes to whipping up some of his famous dishes. With top of the line stainless steel appliances and plenty of counter space, we can only imagine the meals served from Stone’s kitchen.


Martha Stewart has long been a household name for cooking, crafts and, most recently, her retail line of houseware products. Stewart remains true to her traditional and classic style even in the kitchen. Here, we see an early century style kitchen that includes vintage faucets. The incorporated shelving between the refrigerators as well as the hanging copper pot wrack are great details of the design.

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