15 Breathtaking Luxury Custom Bathroom Designs

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For a more open feel, this bathroom has a large dual shower with a glass exterior and plenty of space to avoid any cramped feeling.


The showers of this room are incredibly unique with semi-circle doors and a large open space in front of them, it’s private and very open at the same time.


This futuristic bathroom includes those hot exterior sinks with a large tub and a half circle shower that offers a great view at the rest of the bathroom.


This Victorian look with a chandelier looks like it was a bedroom that was remodeled into being a bathroom but still has the more modern glass shower walls.


It’s hard to find a bath tub that goes into the ground, but that’s what this bathroom has. It’s a simple look other than that, with two small sinks and mirrors.


This bathroom isn’t as open as many of the others, but it has a great lighting window that still offers privacy while providing enough natural light to enjoy the gorgeous tub.


The corner bath tub is not a very common sight, and it really works in this room that looks massive thanks to the tub placement and multiple large mirrors.

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