15 Breathtaking Luxury Custom Bathroom Designs

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Most of us don’t think about it at first, but the bathroom can really tie a house together. Those that sell houses for a living all agree that one thing that increases your property value more than anything (besides location) is a beautiful bathroom.

Renovating these bathrooms can cost quite a bit, but it can be worth it in the long haul. Some of the best bathrooms created belong in some of the world’s most expensive homes. These bathrooms are nicer than most houses’ master bedrooms and are the symbol of luxury. Here are 15 of the most luxurious bathrooms in the world.


This bathroom is enormous with marble tops and floors, and a bathroom that’s big enough to need stairs to get in. There are also two separate sinks on opposite sides of the room.


This ivory bathroom is similar to the previous one but offers more of a white coloration throughout and the same amount of sinks and mirrors.


This bathroom has separate sections for each aspect of the bathroom, with a shower in one room, a toilet in the other and a large Jacuzzi tub in the common room.


This bathroom looks like it belongs in a castle with beautiful floors and walls with chandelier lighting and a large walk up tub. There are also two sinks and a vanity included.


This stone floor bathroom gives you the feel of being outside without actually having to go, with two unique exterior sinks and a large shower, along with a tub that drains from the ceiling.


For a more open feel, this bathroom has a large dual shower with a glass exterior and plenty of space to avoid any cramped feeling.


The showers of this room are incredibly unique with semi-circle doors and a large open space in front of them, it’s private and very open at the same time.


This futuristic bathroom includes those hot exterior sinks with a large tub and a half circle shower that offers a great view at the rest of the bathroom.


This Victorian look with a chandelier looks like it was a bedroom that was remodeled into being a bathroom but still has the more modern glass shower walls.


It’s hard to find a bath tub that goes into the ground, but that’s what this bathroom has. It’s a simple look other than that, with two small sinks and mirrors.


This bathroom isn’t as open as many of the others, but it has a great lighting window that still offers privacy while providing enough natural light to enjoy the gorgeous tub.


The corner bath tub is not a very common sight, and it really works in this room that looks massive thanks to the tub placement and multiple large mirrors.


This is another futuristic bathroom with a lot of unique lighting and wall structures that can be moved, although a picture of yourself is optional in your bathroom.


This bathroom doesn’t offer a lot of privacy with a large windowed wall that overlooks the lake, but the design is perfect if you trust your neighbors enough to not use binoculars.

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