Asian Style Simplicity: 15 Elegant Asian Bathroom Designs to Inspire

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When it comes to home design, one culture that has set the bar high in terms of style is the Asian culture. In the West, bathrooms can often look a bit dull but this is far from the case in Asia where style and elegance come together in a gorgeous finish. If you are looking to redesign your bathroom, why not try an Asian style? Don’t believe us or need inspiration? Take a look at these 15 mind-boggling Asian bathroom designs that are sure to inspire.


Serenity and relaxation embody this bathroom with an exquisite look. From the rice paper room dividers that add luxurious privacy between the tub and the toilet area, this look is truly remarkable. We love the simple fixtures and the textured wallpaper that really take elegance to the next level. Why not have a dip in this deep tub and enjoy the natural light of this beautiful room?


A brighter design, the off-white walls are a beautiful contrast against dark cabinets and black framed mirrors. The beauty is in the small details especially with the mounted light fixtures near the mirrors and the sterling silver hardware on the cabinets. Added natural light through the frosted glass above the mirrors and around the tub further illuminate the room.


Doors are often the most unique fixtures in Asian bathrooms primarily because they are usually ornate in the transparency and design. The door in this bathroom follows suit with a simple leaf design that opens the space more than a traditional door. We also love the tile wall behind the mirror, the top-set sink and added tile design along the white wall.Asian12

Some homeowners are apprehensive about expansive windows in a bathroom. However, this bathroom gives a tropical patio feel without sacrificing privacy. With a dual shower and Jacuzzi, this space-saving design leaves more room for seating to enjoy the beautiful garden views. With white walls and dark floors, this look embodies simple elegance.


One of the most popular Asian trends that is now catching on in American style is the Asian-style sink like those featured in this bathroom. With a unique appearance in contrast to traditional fixtures, these sinks are the focal point of the room with their imperfect circular shape and on-the-counter position. With box-level cabinetry and open storage, the use of natural colors and elements is exquisite.


A modern design, this room offers simple luxury. The contrast between the various tile sizes on the walls and the floor from the shower to the main room come together beautifully. The frameless mirror anchors the wall-mounted faucet just above a stark white sink and wood cabinets. The open concept shower creates the feeling of added space in an otherwise medium sized room.


Like doors, cabinets are a large part of Asian design. This bathroom features a dual sink with gorgeous cabinet doors that truly make this design one of a kind. We love the contrast of the white brick wall against the light fixtures and the dark mirrors as well as the wall-mounted faucet and top set sinks.


This large and open bathroom places more focus on baths as it features a rather large and deep Jacuzzi. Bringing elements of nature into the room with wood cabinetry and décor, this room makes it feel like a treehouse spa. A simple design from the countertops to the décor, the true focus is on the sit-in tub and the wall of windows.


As we’ve seen, translucent doors and open showers are quite common in Asian bathroom design. This bathroom features the same elements but with an artistic twist as we see a vibrant blue ceiling and a hanging fixture in the center of the room. Understated wood cabinetry and ample lighting that illuminate the blue ceiling and doors give this room an eclectic and relaxing feel.


If you have ever experienced an Asian spa, you will recognize many of the same aspects in the bathroom pictured here. With off-white subway tile lined with a patterned design and contrasted with black trim and white walls, this is a true look of Asian elegance. The inset tub offers a relaxing oasis enhanced by subtle lighting and low cabinetry.


The most unique bathroom on our list, this room does not look or feel like a bathroom we’ve ever seen. In typical Asian style, this room is spa-like in design with focus on relaxation, intimate lighting and elegance. A natural color palette is expertly contrasted against dark floors and cabinetry. Our favorite elements of the design are the stone wall with inset spaces for candles and the chaise lounge for supreme relaxation.


Our favorite bathroom on the list, every element of this design is uniquely beautiful. The bamboo ceilings seamlessly transition into translucent doors opening into a private garden. The free-standing tub and sink feature bamboo bases that contrast against the dark floors and reflect the design of the ceiling. Soft lavender lighting and accents add color to this gorgeous room.


Can you imagine anything more calming that a tub that fills by a waterfall? Instead of a standard faucet, this tub features a waterfall design that mirrors a natural theme. The natural color palette and lighting via the sky light add exquisite beauty to this room. Ample tile and stone work with inset candles bring elegance and intimacy to this stunning space.


This bathroom is the busiest design on our list but still contains key Asian elements. A unique ceiling and a purple wall give this room an edgy feeling enhanced by a stone style tub and an open slate grey fireplace. Simple cabinetry and frosted doors carry on the subtle Asian influence in the room.


This elegant bathroom is the largest on our list and leaves little to desire in terms of luxury and appeal. Marble steps lead up to the glass shower and the same marble design surrounds the base of the large Jacuzzi. Natural light through a large window illuminates the space and shelving adds storage and interest to the white wall.

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