Welcome to the Kitchen: 16 Creative Designs to Inspire Your Kitchen

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Remodeling your kitchen is always a tricky and often costly affair that is usually very worthwhile in the end. When you remodel your kitchen, you instantly raise the value of your home while bringing out a pleasant aesthetic that you and your guests will enjoy. Some homeowners often go for the gusto when remodeling their kitchens by taking a not-so-subtle approach using bold choices, colors and fixtures. If you are looking for inspiration for your kitchen remodel, here are 18 creative kitchen designs that are anything but subtle.


This kitchen is an eclectic mix of vintage and modern. Although the red cushions on the white chairs definitely draw the eye, the turquoise cabinets make an even bolder statement. Paired with white fixtures, the beautiful turquoise creates a very clean look that is nicely pulled together with the patterned wallpaper border to accentuate the color choice and design.


Kitchen cabinets typically extend from just above waist level to the ground but, as we see here, that isn’t always the case. In this modern design, the cabinets float in the room acting as a bar with supports only on the corners. The extremely sleek look is enhanced by clean lines and the contrast of light and dark in paint colors and accents like the countertops and back wall.


Circular in shape, this kitchen ties in its dark cabinetry with its beautiful and lighter hardwood floors. With a curved center island to draw in the eye, the stainless appliances are a nice compliment against the stained wood cabinets and dark countertops. The frosted patterned cabinet doors and hanging lighting add to the appeal of this elegant room.

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