Welcome to the Kitchen: 16 Creative Designs to Inspire Your Kitchen

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Kitchens commonly feature quite a bit of white in their design from cabinetry to fixtures, paint colors and accessories. However, have you seen a kitchen where white was the primary color? In this chic kitchen, we see a primarily white design enhanced by dark cross beams in the ceiling tied into the dark countertops. Add in the hanging chandeliers and baby pink appliances, and this room has left us truly speechless with its unique beauty!


This home kitchen combines modern colors in an industrial style where cooking and entertaining are obviously the focus. Sleek yet functional, this kitchen is ideal for any chef, whether professional or aspiring. The stainless steel appliances beautifully reflect the light and, the red wall behind the bar area adds to the modern design.


In a farmhouse vintage style, this kitchen beautifully utilizes color to build quaint and elegant character. The floating bar is a gorgeous center piece with its blue countertops and hardware. The ladder shelving behind the dining table adds vertical interest and works well to create an intimate dining experience.  With a hanging beam and white fixtures, this look is clean, elegant, and inviting.


Black cabinets and white trim give off the feeling that this kitchen is well ahead of its time. The otherwise dark cabinets are smartly enhanced with white trim to add great detail and elegance to the design. The paned cabinets to the sides of the sink reflect the squared and detailed design nicely. An added touch with ultra-modern chairs finish off the look.

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