Welcome to the Kitchen: 16 Creative Designs to Inspire Your Kitchen

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As we saw in one of the previous kitchens, new shapes are coming into kitchen design. Here, we see a wrap-around bar-style kitchen where the cabinets extend in a semi-circular shape. The appliances and accents are minimalistic, making the look streamlined and clean. The black and white color palette does an excellent job in enhancing this modern, minimalistic design.


This kitchen exudes elegance with its single or monochromatic color scheme in the blue family. With gorgeous floor-to-ceiling cabinetry, this kitchen has beautiful features with its glass-paned upper cabinets and silver hardware. If you take a closer look, you’ll notice that even the backsplash is the same color as the cabinets, creating an appearance of added height and depth. Between the natural lighting and the hardwood floors, this room is truly one of the most chic on the list!


With a heavy Spanish influence, this kitchen has true character from floor to ceiling. From the terra cotta colored walls to the chevron patterned navy and white tile, we can only imagine the fantastic meals coming from this space. The pattern even continues to the floor as the understated yet charming cabinetry is finished off with the design.


Lime green and white create a stunning and crisp look for this kitchen. With the kitchen permeating green from the cabinetry to the window and even the décor, this space has a modern and edgy feel. The stone counter tops and the overall square and rectangular patterns carried in the cabinetry, the window and the doors, finish off this gorgeous room

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