16 Gorgeous Luxury Kitchen Designs

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In your home, it’s likely that the kitchen is the room that gets the most foot traffic. A lot of kitchens are small and just have appliances with cheap wood cabinets, especially if you live in an apartment. Those that own their own luxury homes don’t want to stop the luxury in the kitchen, so they go all out in the design and the features.

These kitchens look like something out of a royal’s scrapbook, and a lot of the features include thick solid wood cabinets with marble or granite counter tops. These are not the kitchens that you want to get dirty, and these are the 16 coolest luxury kitchens assembled.



Another example of a classical kitchen, this two chandelier room with a screen over the oven will make you want to cook more often.


The wood used in this new kitchen are top of the line and the industrial space hanging overhead are a nice combination.


This massive island with a sink is a nice touch for the smaller kitchen that still has plenty of great amenities and an enormous ceiling.


If you appreciate an open design, then this might be the kitchen for you with dark wood flooring and hanging lights.


White is a great look for a vintage kitchen, and this one is simple yet beautiful with all white cabinets and a wood counter top.


Islands are a big part of a luxury kitchen, and this one certainly has it with an island big enough to place a queen size bed on top.


More modern kitchens will have more glass and steel, and this is a good example of that. It also features an island that rivals the previous one in size.


Marble tops on the counters and island are an interesting combination with the black wood cabinets and light wood flooring.


The cabinet space is massive in this kitchen that looks out into the large living room with an open flooring structure that reduces walls.

Clive Christian Kitchen in Chattanooga, TN

Walls are a thing of the past now, and this incredibly open look gives you a glimpse into each room that includes the massive kitchen with large counters.

Luxury Kitchen Design in Murray, KY

Here is another kitchen that went for the all white look that gives a bright feeling to the room no matter what time of day it is.

Kitchen in luxury home with white cabinetry

The brown wood and white features of the kitchen give a great contrast, and the wall that houses the cabinets is incredibly long.


If you want to go for a more shimmery approach, this style might be right for you with floors and counters that seem to glow from the lighting in the ceiling.


Finally, this circular kitchen is a new perspective that doesn’t offer as much space but still looks fantastic due to being so rare.

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