Lavish Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous: A Look Inside 18 Billionaire Homes

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The billionaire founder of Nike, Phil Knight’s mansion seems to be more modest than many of the other mansions found on the list. This condo-style home was listed at a breezy $75 million and is located off of the Pacific coast in California. With its unique design and landscaping, we can’t imagine the beauty of the interior layout.


Facebook founder and overnight sensation, Mark Zuckerberg actually owns five different houses. This simple white house is a two-story, five-bedroom structure and serves as the Zuckerberg family’s primary residence. With an in-ground pool and multiple porches to add to its appeal, even this house seems modest for the founder of social media.


Jeff Bezos is worth more than an estimated $30 billion as a tech guru. This impressive 11,500 square foot mansion reflects his billionaire status and features multiple pools and exquisite courtyards. With the entire house lit, the rooms truly seem endless and span the entire backyard area, featuring stone steps and walkways, flower beds and resting areas.


The former Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg’s home resembles an elegant politician’s office. A peek inside this billionaire home reveals black and white checkerboard tile flooring anchored by a patterned rug. From the detailed work on the walls and in the molding to the staircase, this unique look offers an eclectic mix of vintage modern style.


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