Lavish Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous: A Look Inside 18 Billionaire Homes

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Bernard Arnault did not only want a billionaire style mansion, he wanted is own ski resort to enjoy at his leisure. The 65 year old billionaire made sure he got his wishes when he bought this massive structure in Belgium to call his own. With a gorgeous mountainous landscape and plenty of snow, Arnault’s dream came true with plenty of skiing options right in his own backyard.


The Walton family hails from the southern state of Arkansas where Sam Walton launched his wealth with the start of Walton’s Five and Dime. Alice Walton, one of the heirs to the throne, is a family billionaire and owns this modern marvel. With an interest in modern art, Alice ensured her home reflected her interest from the rooftop to the pool in the center of the complex.


Alice Walton isn’t the only Walton heir that boasts billionaire status and style. Christy Walton, Alice’s sister, chooses to live in a more classic home that is remarkable in its own right. Featuring a stone bridge and water feature, the classic mansion resembles a mountain lodge and spreads across 100 acres of land that is landscaped with natural foliage.


David Koch is a fairly controversial billionaire who, to be quite honest, most likely could not care less about the rumors surrounding his fortune and fame. In fact, he probably rests quite comfortably inside this 30,000 square foot mansion in Palm Beach that offers two tennis courts and a massive pool.

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