Mind-Blowing, Crazy and Bizarre: 18 Home Designs that will Shock You

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When building a home, there is often a good chance that you will end up in a traditional style house that resembles many other nearby homes. However, some people want to avoid tradition altogether, opting to design homes that stand apart from others as a reflection of their personalities. We found 18 mind-blowing and bizarre home designs that will surprise you in the fact that they stand upright! These homes will give you a fresh perspective on design and function! Are you ready? Let’s take a look at a few of the most bizarre houses in the world!


Nestled in the trees, this house resembles a cross between a tree house and a bird’s egg. Featuring a single window, there is little room from inside to enjoy the beauty of nature. However, we are fairly certain the intent of this home is to have its residents enjoy the great outdoors as it is nestled in a lush forest of evergreens and tropical trees.


Look again! No, this picture has not been distorted in any way. In fact, the home has been constructed in a unique architectural design that creates the appearance of being distorted. Structurally sound despite the appearance, this uniquely beautiful home opens its center to a ceiling of glass windows that offer breathtaking overhead views.

The Dancing House tourism destinations

This tall glass structure also looks like it is distorted or warped. An architect’s delight, the building is a masterpiece as many often wonder how the angled glass could support such a structure! With its unique curve and odd shape, the home even features a patio for residents to enjoy exquisite sunrises and sunsets from its unique angle.

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