Mind-Blowing, Crazy and Bizarre: 18 Home Designs that will Shock You

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The Upside-Down House tourism destinations

Let’s be honest: if there weren’t people in this picture, we would have turned the photo around to ensure the house was right-side up. But, thanks to the long line of guests waiting in line, we are quite certain that this house was built upside down. Without any danger of rolling down the hill, the home was constructed to look as though it had been tossed aside and toppled over, a successful design to say the least!

The Cube Houses tourism destinations

This row of homes looks as though it is straight from an animated movie or comic street. The yellow row of homes were constructed in cube-like fashion atop a retail center and look as though they are peering down on visitors below. With nosy-like fashion, these residences also look like they are close to toppling over in their attempt to get a better look below!


One of the oddest homes on our list, this is quite possibly the hardest home to imagine someone actually living in comfortable. The design is not the result of an earthquake but of the architect’s choice to build a unique living space. From its odd angles to the framing itself, there is no doubt that this is definitely a fairly odd place to call home!


This home was built as a replica of a David Steinbeck home that was built especially for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. The house was designed to mirror its natural landscape and work with the beauty of the surrounding geography. From the stone work and extended deck to the waterfall, this is the most peaceful home on our list.

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