Mind-Blowing, Crazy and Bizarre: 18 Home Designs that will Shock You

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Perhaps you are a science fiction enthusiast and want people to believe that an alien spaceship has landed in your yard. If that’s the case, then this home is perfect for you! Constructed out of glass to resemble a spaceship, this home is located in the middle of a vacant field, which only adds to the believability of this sci-fi story.


How exactly is this home standing? One of the modern marvels of construction, this house seems to teeter atop a small foundation albeit completely sturdy construction. The home resembles a large barn and is located amid a grassy field.  While we are quite certain the barn is not inhabited by normal farm animals, records tell us inhabitants still live in the home.


Who doesn’t love going on picnics? The residents of this home took their love of picnics to the extreme by hiring an architect to design their home as a gigantic picnic basket. As you can see, each hole, in what would normally be a wicker basket, is a pane of glass allowing for natural light and gorgeous views of the area. Can you imagine telling your date to pick you up at home, which is actually a picnic basket?


Resembling an old junked car, this modern marvel was constructed atop a hillside offering beautiful views of the valley. The exterior was built and painted to reflect the rust of an old forgotten car. Regardless of the design, we can’t help but imagine the incredible views of the beautiful landscape from the numerous windows.

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