Considering a Bedroom Remodel? Look at these 18 Beautiful Bedrooms First!

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The bedroom is one place in your home where you can say that you spend at least one third of your day. For those who are content with a standard style bedroom and see it only as a place to sleep, that’s completely fine and acceptable. However, if you want to really get more out of your bedroom, you might want to consider using a bit of color to brighten the room. Color can make your bedroom seem more vibrant and welcoming. Here are 18 bedrooms that will inspire you to add a bit of color to your bedroom.


Lime green is a color that often makes people feel more awake and energized. Here, you will see a beautiful bedroom enhanced with lime greens walls and accent pillows. The beautiful pop of color paired with the contrast of the orange flowers and the muted tones of the bedspread offer a beautiful and relaxing space. If perhaps lime green isn’t your preferred color, take a look at our next exquisite bedroom.


While white and grey are often considered dull and boring, that is far from the case with this beautifully sophisticated bedroom. With muted yellow walls and splashes of color in the pillows and the ottomans, this gorgeous pairing of white, grey and yellow bring true elegance to life. The addition of a dark chair and a multi-hued rug serve to ground the light and chic design.


It is easy to get creative with colors when it comes to decorating a child’s room. Here, the dark blue whiles enhanced by the white striped pattern reflect a nautical theme. This theme is continued in the striped linen patterns found in the pillows and in the baby’s crib. Added white curtains finish off this look with a true beachy feel.

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