Considering a Bedroom Remodel? Look at these 18 Beautiful Bedrooms First!

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Isn’t this room fun? With light teal walls, the designers opted for bold color patterns in both the duvet and te curtains. The muted walls are enhanced by the splash of yellow in the bedspread as well as the green end table featuring classic white accessories. The dark pattern in the curtains and the chair tie into the dark features of the bedspread and make for a nice finish to a fun room.


How many green bedrooms do you ever remember seeing? Can’t think of one? This gorgeous design took green to a new level by painting the walls and the ceiling in a bold kelly green. Paired with hardwood floors and white accessories, this room is truly chic as the eye travels across the ceiling and up with the extended canopy bed. Green may not be the color choice for everyone but, it truly works well here!


Painting any room red is a bold choice and, as this room reveals, it can be stunning if done right. Using a cream duvet as a muted centerpiece, the red is reflected in the added blanket, making a stark contrast again the creamy white. With black furniture that sits lower to the ground and anchors the room, the true focus of the room is on the red itself.


Black and white color combinations are often suited more for bathrooms and kitchens as their bold contrast, fun patterns and clean lines create interest and engagement. This bedroom takes the pairing to a new level! The soft patterned walls make an elegant backdrop to a room filled with black and white from the pillows to the furniture pieces themselves! The paintings and shelved accessories bring a nice splash of red and green color.

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