Considering a Bedroom Remodel? Look at these 18 Beautiful Bedrooms First!

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Have you ever realized the calming nature of color, especially light blue? From the coral waters of the beach to the light blue in this bedroom, hues of blue definitely bring relaxation. The light teal walls against the white trim and ceiling truly enhance the extra-large headboard and floor-to-ceiling curtains. The camel-brown accent pieces to the sheer curtains, this bedroom is one of the most relaxing we’ve seen.


Like we mentioned before, it’s easy to get creative with a child’s room. Following the same lines, this room offers great design fun with a true red, white and blue theme. The gold walls make a nice pairing with the dark furniture and the red bedspreads accented with white stars. The multi-color rug and the fun artwork tie in the colors of the wall and the linens quite nicely with additional hints of blues, greens and oranges.


You don’t have to be a huge classic rock fan to appreciate this bedroom. This is our first featured room with two different colored walls. The dark blue creates a bold focal point with a nice accent in the red-striped white wall. With a patterned duvet to bring in the dark and light colors, this room uses classic colors to create an edgy and funky feel!


Elegant and chic, this design utilizes a strong purple color palette, patterns and textures to feature the room of most teenage girls’ dreams. The circular patterned dark purple wall is contrasted with the grey square patterned duvet and the grey floor-to-ceiling curtains. Different hues of purple are used to bring the room together in the accent pillows and throw. Dark furniture and hardwood floors add to this room’s sophistication.

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