Considering a Bedroom Remodel? Look at these 18 Beautiful Bedrooms First!

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Why stick with a single color when color pairings like this work so well together? With crisp teal walls as the focal point, the lime green and white headboard does well to create contrasting lines reflective in the bench and the lampshades. The dark hues of the curtains and duvet work well to tie in and ground the design with the rustic wood floors. Add in pops of oranges and golds and this relaxing yet bold design is complete!


Again, we see the use of green to enhance a bedroom and sitting area. Here, the light green walls of the bedroom work nicely with the light green striped walls of the sitting area. The green theme continues in the curtains as well as in the ottoman and bedspread, both of which are accented by pink and orange shades. With a strong floral theme in the paintings, rug and ottoman, the lime green makes for a beautiful garden-like retreat.


With a multi-cultural flair, the patterns of the rug, the table cloth and the throw offer a wide array of color and interest. The bold red walls contrast nicely with the dark headboard and the white sheer draped around the bed. The antiquated footstool and the solid bed pillows tie in with the patterns to relieve and relax the eye.

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