Considering a Bedroom Remodel? Look at these 18 Beautiful Bedrooms First!

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The bedroom is one place in your home where you can say that you spend at least one third of your day. For those who are content with a standard style bedroom and see it only as a place to sleep, that’s completely fine and acceptable. However, if you want to really get more out of your bedroom, you might want to consider using a bit of color to brighten the room. Color can make your bedroom seem more vibrant and welcoming. Here are 18 bedrooms that will inspire you to add a bit of color to your bedroom.


Lime green is a color that often makes people feel more awake and energized. Here, you will see a beautiful bedroom enhanced with lime greens walls and accent pillows. The beautiful pop of color paired with the contrast of the orange flowers and the muted tones of the bedspread offer a beautiful and relaxing space. If perhaps lime green isn’t your preferred color, take a look at our next exquisite bedroom.


While white and grey are often considered dull and boring, that is far from the case with this beautifully sophisticated bedroom. With muted yellow walls and splashes of color in the pillows and the ottomans, this gorgeous pairing of white, grey and yellow bring true elegance to life. The addition of a dark chair and a multi-hued rug serve to ground the light and chic design.


It is easy to get creative with colors when it comes to decorating a child’s room. Here, the dark blue whiles enhanced by the white striped pattern reflect a nautical theme. This theme is continued in the striped linen patterns found in the pillows and in the baby’s crib. Added white curtains finish off this look with a true beachy feel.


Isn’t this room fun? With light teal walls, the designers opted for bold color patterns in both the duvet and te curtains. The muted walls are enhanced by the splash of yellow in the bedspread as well as the green end table featuring classic white accessories. The dark pattern in the curtains and the chair tie into the dark features of the bedspread and make for a nice finish to a fun room.


How many green bedrooms do you ever remember seeing? Can’t think of one? This gorgeous design took green to a new level by painting the walls and the ceiling in a bold kelly green. Paired with hardwood floors and white accessories, this room is truly chic as the eye travels across the ceiling and up with the extended canopy bed. Green may not be the color choice for everyone but, it truly works well here!


Painting any room red is a bold choice and, as this room reveals, it can be stunning if done right. Using a cream duvet as a muted centerpiece, the red is reflected in the added blanket, making a stark contrast again the creamy white. With black furniture that sits lower to the ground and anchors the room, the true focus of the room is on the red itself.


Black and white color combinations are often suited more for bathrooms and kitchens as their bold contrast, fun patterns and clean lines create interest and engagement. This bedroom takes the pairing to a new level! The soft patterned walls make an elegant backdrop to a room filled with black and white from the pillows to the furniture pieces themselves! The paintings and shelved accessories bring a nice splash of red and green color.


Have you ever realized the calming nature of color, especially light blue? From the coral waters of the beach to the light blue in this bedroom, hues of blue definitely bring relaxation. The light teal walls against the white trim and ceiling truly enhance the extra-large headboard and floor-to-ceiling curtains. The camel-brown accent pieces to the sheer curtains, this bedroom is one of the most relaxing we’ve seen.


Like we mentioned before, it’s easy to get creative with a child’s room. Following the same lines, this room offers great design fun with a true red, white and blue theme. The gold walls make a nice pairing with the dark furniture and the red bedspreads accented with white stars. The multi-color rug and the fun artwork tie in the colors of the wall and the linens quite nicely with additional hints of blues, greens and oranges.


You don’t have to be a huge classic rock fan to appreciate this bedroom. This is our first featured room with two different colored walls. The dark blue creates a bold focal point with a nice accent in the red-striped white wall. With a patterned duvet to bring in the dark and light colors, this room uses classic colors to create an edgy and funky feel!


Elegant and chic, this design utilizes a strong purple color palette, patterns and textures to feature the room of most teenage girls’ dreams. The circular patterned dark purple wall is contrasted with the grey square patterned duvet and the grey floor-to-ceiling curtains. Different hues of purple are used to bring the room together in the accent pillows and throw. Dark furniture and hardwood floors add to this room’s sophistication.


If you plan on putting an office or work space in your room, why not opt for a bold color pattern to truly inspire and invigorate? The red wall is a beautiful focal point for the room and is accented by the frames over the work space as well as in the pillow on the bed. Dark furniture with clean lines truly make this room feel modern and welcoming.


Not many people consider using gold as the primary color in their décor. Rather, it is often used as a compliment to other hues. This room, however, takes gold to a new level by hanging gold and white drapes behind the bed to add a luxurious feel to a modern black headboard. With neutral walls and a white duvet, the gold and black truly pops to create a gorgeous room of sleek but luscious comfort.


As we’ve seen, designs of the same color palette often vary across styles. From the purple elegance of the room before to this whimsical baby’s room, the sky is the limit on design. The various shades of purple in this room pair nicely with the white and purple accessories and linens. The dark draped ceiling is a pleasant contrast with the lighter walls and darker floors.


This red, white and black room is edgy with its mix of patterns and color. The stark white walls, furniture and bedspread, make a clean palette for the funky patterns and red splashes of color. The red works to bring the design together and the use of the pattern across the chair and the pillow on the bed, works well in contrast with the patterned lamp shade to create a trendy look.


Why stick with a single color when color pairings like this work so well together? With crisp teal walls as the focal point, the lime green and white headboard does well to create contrasting lines reflective in the bench and the lampshades. The dark hues of the curtains and duvet work well to tie in and ground the design with the rustic wood floors. Add in pops of oranges and golds and this relaxing yet bold design is complete!


Again, we see the use of green to enhance a bedroom and sitting area. Here, the light green walls of the bedroom work nicely with the light green striped walls of the sitting area. The green theme continues in the curtains as well as in the ottoman and bedspread, both of which are accented by pink and orange shades. With a strong floral theme in the paintings, rug and ottoman, the lime green makes for a beautiful garden-like retreat.


With a multi-cultural flair, the patterns of the rug, the table cloth and the throw offer a wide array of color and interest. The bold red walls contrast nicely with the dark headboard and the white sheer draped around the bed. The antiquated footstool and the solid bed pillows tie in with the patterns to relieve and relax the eye.

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