20 Profesionally Decorated Master Bedrooms That Will Inspire You

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You spent one third of your life in a bedroom, so you want to make sure that the one you have is a place where you would actually enjoy going to. Those that are living the life of luxury take their bedrooms very seriously, and are not shy about dropping a lot of money to make their bedroom the perfect place for style and comfort.

A big bed, a unique setting and the finest furnishings are all synonymous with a luxurious master bedroom, and they can be incredibly expensive. That hasn’t stopped these 20 people from designing the best master bedrooms that you could dream up.


Unique shapes are very luxurious, and this exterior master bedroom in an octagon shaped room offer a great perspective of the outdoors.


This large and bright space has a closet with removable doors in case you want to make it feel just a little bit larger than usual.


The interesting shape, high ceilings and personal two person seating space all contribute to this luxurious bedroom.


You can go from this bedroom straight to the outside patio that overlooks the beach, but would you want to leave this bedroom?



Perhaps the ultimate bachelor pad on the list is this master bedroom that looks more like a full hotel suite complete with two couches and a bar.


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