20 Profesionally Decorated Master Bedrooms That Will Inspire You

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Some people prefer the smaller yet unique bedrooms, such as this one that is located in a crows nest and gives a great view of the nature.


This master bedroom is so large that it has a small dining area on the other side of the fireplace from the bed. This room would be hard to leave.


For a more modern look, this bedroom features dark colors with a new chandelier that gives a great look of the city.


With bright colors like white and pink, you can feel like a queen in this bedroom with great lighting and a massive bed made of plated gold.


Everything in this room looks elongated from the bed to the walls. If you happen to be super tall and super rich, this might be the perfect bedroom for you.


It’s luxurious enough to have your bedroom overlooking the beach, but the interior is just as beautiful with a large old style bed and vintage chandelier.

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