Dream Bathroom Designs: 20 Riveting Styles for Your Home

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Sometimes, the bathroom does not get much design or love in the grand scheme of houses. People often consider the bathroom as a useful space but refrain from speaking about it, much less putting great thought into its overall design. For these reasons, typical bathrooms tend to be quite drab and dull. However, we’re not afraid of talking about the bathroom! In fact, we’re even going to show you pictures! Joins us as we share 20 riveting bathroom designs that are extraordinary and inspiring!


With an Asian-inspired style, this bathroom is elegant and chic, featuring a neutral color palette and soft lighting with translucent rice-paper style doors. Anchored by a large sit-in tub, the room features wood walls and flooring that are beautifully contrasted against a yellow wall. Simple fixtures expertly add to the beauty of this minimalistic and elegant design.


This bathroom reminds us of a Zen relaxation garden at one of the world’s most exclusive spas. Don’t you agree? From the bamboo stalks lining the glass-cubed exterior wall to the blue ceiling sky light effect, this room is stunning. Our favorite feature is the free-standing tub surrounded by stones and centered on dark wood flooring just below the vibrant blue skylight.


Nothing quite says luxurious like a chandelier hanging above a marble Jacuzzi. This bathroom takes luxury to new heights with marble columns, glass walls, and gold décor. Seemingly like a room straight from a castle, the etched glass walls, high ceiling and marble inset tub make this room truly one of a kind.

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