Dream Bathroom Designs: 20 Riveting Styles for Your Home

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From the natural lighting and the off-white color palette to the beautiful window over the tub, this room is vibrant and welcoming. By using a single color from floor to ceiling, this room feels huge. The marble steps surrounding the tub add a level of interest to the room and the glass-enclosed shower create a beautiful reflection from the surrounding light.


This bathroom is one of kind with its blue ceiling lights and the purple lighting and design just under the ramp to the tub. Stone-façade walls give this room an underground or underwater feel, not to mention its window opening to a mysterious outer landscape. Perhaps the intended feel is an underwater spa where the blue domes allow visitors to enjoy the water overhead? Either way, we love this unique look.


The second bathroom on our list to feature a chandelier, this room is also luxurious. Centered by a free-standing Jacuzzi anchored by a unique base design and overhead chandelier, this room offers a variety of textures, patterns and color. The lime green door and vibrant blue stool add pops of color against dark cabinetry and patterned wall and floor tile.


Let’s be honest: bathrooms are likely the only space where steps can be relaxing when used in the overall design. Here, the three-tiered steps leading up to a deep inset tub make this space an oasis of tranquility and relaxation. An otherwise simple space, we love the addition of the surrounding patterned black and white wall to allow both natural lighting and a beautiful design to the room.

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