Dream Bathroom Designs: 20 Riveting Styles for Your Home

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When the solar system meets elegance and design, rooms like this occur. We can’t help but notice the beautiful outer space color palette of deep blues and purples as well as the lighting just beyond the tub that looks like a faraway galaxy. Large tile and subtle lighting add to the look with a gorgeous elongated chandelier whose oval accessories add to the orbital theme.


Is this a bathroom with a tub or is this an indoor endless pool? The shower, of course, gives the answer away but could you imagine having a pool in your bathroom? An otherwise neutral color palette serves to enhance the blue water of the pool and the tile of the shower. Dark cabinetry anchors the room and adds reflection from the row of inset lighting and candles.


Usually, kitchens feature large islands to offer visual or design interest as well as functionality. Here, this bathroom features a dual-leveled island with a large inset tub in the center. Marble flooring and fixtures add elegance to the room, which also features a circular shower that resembles a large column style. Light wood cabinetry and detailed ceiling add elements of interest to this gorgeous space.


Have you always dreamed of relaxing in a bath overlooking an exquisite view of the mountains? This room offers gorgeous views both indoors and out. Round in shape, the ceiling is lined in gathered gold fabric from which the massive chandelier hangs. The gathered drapery continues to the marble floor to encircle the room. Featuring a claw-foot bathtub and beautiful views, this room is absolutely perfect!

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