Bringing Beauty Outside: 20 Riveting Outdoor Kitchen Designs for Your Landscaped Space

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For many who live in colder climates, investing money into an outdoor kitchen and living area can seem like a waste of time, money and effort. Why go to the trouble if you can’t use the space for more than a few months out of the year?  Residents of warmer climates, however, go to great lengths to ensure their outdoor kitchens and living spaces feature beautiful designs and exquisite views for superb year around enjoyment! Regardless of where you live, you are sure to be inspired by these 20 riveting outdoor kitchen designs that will truly leave you in awe.


Have you ever wanted a large grill and entertaining area for your summer patio parties? This outdoor kitchen is the ideal barbeque gathering for large parties and intimate family gatherings. With a cozy garden view, the stone bar and inset grill offer ample room to store grill utensils as well as allow guests to pull up a stool to enjoy the latest food hot off the grill itself!


This kitchen looks too beautiful to be outdoors, don’t you agree? With a stone tile floor and bar area to the tile surrounding the stainless appliances, this is a gorgeous space that offers enough room for any of your grilling and entertaining needs! The unique shape and added sink make cooking in the space easy as everything seems to be within arm’s reach.


Wouldn’t you love to grill and entertain guests with a stunning view of the cityscape? This outdoor kitchen allows you to do exactly that! A full-scale bar and grilling area, a pergola style awning provides coverage from the sun. Slate grey countertops finish off rustic wood cabinetry that feature stainless appliances for this gorgeous design.

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