Bringing Beauty Outside: 20 Riveting Outdoor Kitchen Designs for Your Landscaped Space

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A design doesn’t have to be over the top to create a gorgeous outdoor kitchen. Rather, like this kitchen, the existing patio you have can easily be transformed. This rustic kitchen features exposed wooden beams in a high ceiling as well as stone floors that offer added texture that’s mirrored in the stone kitchen itself. We love the combination of relaxation and dining with the nearby placement of the wicker furniture.


We truly hope that just beyond the barstools and inside of this gorgeous landscape that there is a large swimming pool for guests to enjoy. Wouldn’t that be perfect? The angled roof and exposed wooden beams add height to this outdoor entertaining area that displays beautiful tiled flooring and stone cabinetry. As the landscape meets the kitchen in proximity, this beautiful design is a gorgeous tribute to the surrounding trees.Kitchen11

One of our favorite outdoor kitchens on the list, we absolutely love the oval fireplace that doubles as an oven. Like something out of a fairytale, the stone fireplace is the focal point for this space and is the foreground for a beautiful and lush green landscape. With added iron chairs and plush white cushions, this space is remarkable.


Many outdoor kitchens opt for added protection from the elements by ensuring a roof or ceiling of various types. This kitchen, however, means to enjoy the tropical climate year around with its open pergola style to allow natural lighting any time of day. With added light fixtures over the bar, guests are sure to enjoy the views of this tropical paradise.

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