Bringing Beauty Outside: 20 Riveting Outdoor Kitchen Designs for Your Landscaped Space

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For many who live in colder climates, investing money into an outdoor kitchen and living area can seem like a waste of time, money and effort. Why go to the trouble if you can’t use the space for more than a few months out of the year?  Residents of warmer climates, however, go to great lengths to ensure their outdoor kitchens and living spaces feature beautiful designs and exquisite views for superb year around enjoyment! Regardless of where you live, you are sure to be inspired by these 20 riveting outdoor kitchen designs that will truly leave you in awe.


Have you ever wanted a large grill and entertaining area for your summer patio parties? This outdoor kitchen is the ideal barbeque gathering for large parties and intimate family gatherings. With a cozy garden view, the stone bar and inset grill offer ample room to store grill utensils as well as allow guests to pull up a stool to enjoy the latest food hot off the grill itself!


This kitchen looks too beautiful to be outdoors, don’t you agree? With a stone tile floor and bar area to the tile surrounding the stainless appliances, this is a gorgeous space that offers enough room for any of your grilling and entertaining needs! The unique shape and added sink make cooking in the space easy as everything seems to be within arm’s reach.


Wouldn’t you love to grill and entertain guests with a stunning view of the cityscape? This outdoor kitchen allows you to do exactly that! A full-scale bar and grilling area, a pergola style awning provides coverage from the sun. Slate grey countertops finish off rustic wood cabinetry that feature stainless appliances for this gorgeous design.


This charming outdoor kitchen offers great style with its Asian inspired décor and natural design elements. We love the dark stone patterned floor as it contrasts beautifully against the stone façade cabinetry. Inset stainless appliances and dark speckled countertops reduce clutter in the space and expertly finish the look with added red and orange accents that offer splashes of color.


This semi-enclosed outdoor kitchen boasts a gorgeous natural color palette. With a dark wood ceiling lined with natural beams and columns, the light stone wall and flooring add height and depth to this outdoor nook. There is no doubt that this space is dedicated to entertaining with the large wooden table and plush wicker chairs that center the space.


We love when color and nature come together to create an engaging and unique space like you see in this outdoor kitchen. A pergola inspired covered roof against a brick backdrop really bring this space to life with its vibrant blue cabinetry and stainless appliances. The deck flooring is enhanced with a patterned brown rug and splashes of color ae found in the potted plants as well as in the hanging lighting.


At first glance, this kitchen actually looks like it’s inside the house but, another glance at the trees just to the left and you soon realize that this beautiful space is just outside the main house. From the industrial grill and stove to the sink itself, this room is ideal for endless entertaining. We love the natural color palette that makes this space transition from inside to outside with elegant ease.


A design doesn’t have to be over the top to create a gorgeous outdoor kitchen. Rather, like this kitchen, the existing patio you have can easily be transformed. This rustic kitchen features exposed wooden beams in a high ceiling as well as stone floors that offer added texture that’s mirrored in the stone kitchen itself. We love the combination of relaxation and dining with the nearby placement of the wicker furniture.


We truly hope that just beyond the barstools and inside of this gorgeous landscape that there is a large swimming pool for guests to enjoy. Wouldn’t that be perfect? The angled roof and exposed wooden beams add height to this outdoor entertaining area that displays beautiful tiled flooring and stone cabinetry. As the landscape meets the kitchen in proximity, this beautiful design is a gorgeous tribute to the surrounding trees.Kitchen11

One of our favorite outdoor kitchens on the list, we absolutely love the oval fireplace that doubles as an oven. Like something out of a fairytale, the stone fireplace is the focal point for this space and is the foreground for a beautiful and lush green landscape. With added iron chairs and plush white cushions, this space is remarkable.


Many outdoor kitchens opt for added protection from the elements by ensuring a roof or ceiling of various types. This kitchen, however, means to enjoy the tropical climate year around with its open pergola style to allow natural lighting any time of day. With added light fixtures over the bar, guests are sure to enjoy the views of this tropical paradise.


Houses with lake views often mean that residents spend most of their time outdoors, all for good reason! This kitchen is no exception with its simple and clean design that offers beautiful views of the nearby lake. With white painted wood from the cabinetry to the overhead awning to the rustic decking, the view truly makes this look!


This kitchen nook rests just off the back of the house and offers plenty of room entertaining year around. The stainless cabinetry streamline this design and make cleanup a breeze, especially outside. A large grill, inset sink and ample counter space add functionality to this beautiful design. We love the charm of the dining table and the splashes of color found in the potted plants.


Truly a griller’s delight, this brick kitchen is simple in design but offers gorgeous views of backyard acreage. Basic white countertops finish encircle the grill and provide adequate room for guests to pull up a stool and enjoy a snack. The light wood decking is perfect in contrast with the brick design and makes a nice upper cooking level against the lower area’s dining space.


This kitchen looks like a transplant of an indoor kitchen out onto the patio. Beautiful and elegant, this open-concept U-shaped kitchen features exquisite wood cabinetry and brick walls that create a charming feel enhanced by light flooring and wrap-around white countertops. With the large hanging clock, the numerous plants and varying décor, we adore the coziness of this space.


Thanks to this kitchen, this home features the ultimate backyard. Protected by high canopy ceilings that feature both a leaf-style fan and a chandelier, the room is anchored on a small-stone patio for year-around enjoyment. A stone wall provides the backdrop of the cooking space that’s home to a large stainless grill. Added wicker seating offers great rest while a fully decorated iron table is spacious for large family gatherings.


We might be a little jealous of the owners of this home since it not only has an awesome outdoor kitchen but a giant pool as well! Where exactly should we start? From the stone waterfall to the kitchen itself, this space has everything imaginable! We love the wrap-around bar seating in the pool as well as the convenience of the kitchen for guests to enjoy!


While this space does not offer the same landscaped views as we’ve seen before on the list, it is gorgeous for its functionality and down-home appeal. With an l-shaped cooking area featuring stone cabinetry and counters, we love that the emphasis of this space is placed on relaxation. A wicker living set not only offers plenty of seating on its plush couches and chairs but also offers beautiful splashes of color against a natural brick color palette.


We can’t help but think of a farm when we see this beautiful kitchen and the rustic red barn. Perhaps originally intended as a bar, this outdoor area is home to a complete kitchen as well as a stone fireplace and grill. From the natural landscape of trees and flowers to the iron barstools and dining set, this kitchen is a cozy area for intimate gatherings year around.


Last, but not least on our list, this kitchen brings elegance outdoors from floor to ceiling design. A rustic wood beam ceiling offers inset lighting and a vintage chic chandelier. Stone archways add charm and mirror the natural color palette throughout the room, which is enhanced by the gorgeous green landscape just outside the kitchen. Large wicker furniture and a rustic wood dining table are absolutely stunning atop the slate grey tile and finish off this elegant design.

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