Beauty from the Closet: 22 Brilliant Modern Walk-In-Closets You Must See

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As we accumulate more and more clothes and accessories, walk-in closets are becoming common to house the endless t-shirts and shoes, blue jeans and dress clothes of varying sizes, styles and colors. While walk-in closets may seem fairly ordinary, many designers have taken these spaces to the next level with their incredible functionality and appeal. If you have ever considered a walk-in closet or perhaps are in the market to redesign your own, look no further for inspiration! Here are 22 brilliant modern walk-in closet designs that are sure to inspire.


This gorgeous white-on-white walk-in closet features plenty of room for all of your clothes and accessories. Pictured here as a man’s wardrobe, the hanging space leaves plenty of room for a suit jacket to hang wrinkle-free with ample storage underneath for a briefcase. Dedicated spaces below the hanging space are great for hats with divided drawers for socks and accessories. Our favorite detail is the shelving specifically designed for shirts!


Elegant and chic, this design resembles a modern locker-room style but with clean lines and far less of a gym-type feel. Glass doors and dividers create a nice visual appeal to the room and showcase accessories and clothing. An added area for shoes as well as overhead storage make this design a must especially in rooms where space is limited.


For a less cluttered look, this closet is actually a closet within itself. On first glance, the closet is almost invisible with its white doors against the white walls. Inside, dark wood cabinetry contrasts nicely for a masculine look. Ample overhead storage is ideal for luggage and accessories while hanging spaces and drawers are useful spaces for other accessories big and small.

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