Beauty from the Closet: 22 Brilliant Modern Walk-In-Closets You Must See

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This closet space features stainless steel and glass drawers that are an organizer’s heaven. Simple in design but modern in overall style, these drawers and functional and fashionable. Storage bins made of a velvet-type grey cloth reflect the stainless steel color and provide extensive storage for smaller accessories from necklaces and bracelets to sunglasses and watches.


Thanks to the all-white room and illuminating lighting, this closet style’s dark finish is a beautiful focal point for the room. With an open-style design, there is plenty of room for shoes and accessories on a column of storage feature eight expansive shelves. If this isn’t enough, the overhead shelving offers storage for rarely used items with hanging bars below for clothes and accessories.


With white as a common color palette in the closets, this closet style adds a nice contrast with its black shelving and hideaway doors. The small door opens to storage for hanging spaces on both the upper and lower shelves. The open shoe storage and shelving makes a great point of interest with its ample display of shoes and accessories


The first closet on our list to feature sliding doors, we love the simple look of this space! Opening to wood cabinetry and dark finishes, this beautiful closet has plenty of storage for hanging clothes like the suits seen here. Overhead and floor storage are great areas for luggage and bulky accessories, opening up plenty of drawer space for other items.

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