Beauty from the Closet: 22 Brilliant Modern Walk-In-Closets You Must See

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This long walk-in closet seems more like a gallery to display clothing for a boutique than an actual closet itself! With floor to ceiling shelving, there is room for practically every piece of clothing and accessory imaginable. Inset shelving, pullout drawers and endless hanging space are ideal for displaying your favorite items. But, our favorite is the hide-away rack for those endless pairs of shoes!


Like the last closet on our list, this closet features on of our favorite elements of design: a hide-away shoe storage. This display style allows shoes to be organized but out of sight to allow room for other storage needs. A slide-out design, it literally puts shoes on display so that the perfect outfit can be selected for any of your style needs.


It’s usually quite rare to not have a door between a bedroom and a walk-in closet but this design is beautiful and spacious with its corridor type closet that opens into the bedroom. The wall of shelving on each side of the hall offer endless storage for clothing and accessories. What’s even better is the fact that everything is neatly tucked away behind the doors and in drawers to add to the beauty of this look.

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