Beauty from the Closet: 22 Brilliant Modern Walk-In-Closets You Must See

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As we accumulate more and more clothes and accessories, walk-in closets are becoming common to house the endless t-shirts and shoes, blue jeans and dress clothes of varying sizes, styles and colors. While walk-in closets may seem fairly ordinary, many designers have taken these spaces to the next level with their incredible functionality and appeal. If you have ever considered a walk-in closet or perhaps are in the market to redesign your own, look no further for inspiration! Here are 22 brilliant modern walk-in closet designs that are sure to inspire.


This gorgeous white-on-white walk-in closet features plenty of room for all of your clothes and accessories. Pictured here as a man’s wardrobe, the hanging space leaves plenty of room for a suit jacket to hang wrinkle-free with ample storage underneath for a briefcase. Dedicated spaces below the hanging space are great for hats with divided drawers for socks and accessories. Our favorite detail is the shelving specifically designed for shirts!


Elegant and chic, this design resembles a modern locker-room style but with clean lines and far less of a gym-type feel. Glass doors and dividers create a nice visual appeal to the room and showcase accessories and clothing. An added area for shoes as well as overhead storage make this design a must especially in rooms where space is limited.


For a less cluttered look, this closet is actually a closet within itself. On first glance, the closet is almost invisible with its white doors against the white walls. Inside, dark wood cabinetry contrasts nicely for a masculine look. Ample overhead storage is ideal for luggage and accessories while hanging spaces and drawers are useful spaces for other accessories big and small.


This closet space features stainless steel and glass drawers that are an organizer’s heaven. Simple in design but modern in overall style, these drawers and functional and fashionable. Storage bins made of a velvet-type grey cloth reflect the stainless steel color and provide extensive storage for smaller accessories from necklaces and bracelets to sunglasses and watches.


Thanks to the all-white room and illuminating lighting, this closet style’s dark finish is a beautiful focal point for the room. With an open-style design, there is plenty of room for shoes and accessories on a column of storage feature eight expansive shelves. If this isn’t enough, the overhead shelving offers storage for rarely used items with hanging bars below for clothes and accessories.


With white as a common color palette in the closets, this closet style adds a nice contrast with its black shelving and hideaway doors. The small door opens to storage for hanging spaces on both the upper and lower shelves. The open shoe storage and shelving makes a great point of interest with its ample display of shoes and accessories


The first closet on our list to feature sliding doors, we love the simple look of this space! Opening to wood cabinetry and dark finishes, this beautiful closet has plenty of storage for hanging clothes like the suits seen here. Overhead and floor storage are great areas for luggage and bulky accessories, opening up plenty of drawer space for other items.


This classic styled closet is one of our favorites on the list because of the cabinetry finish and its expansive storage. With three separate sections, this closet is the epitome of organization and storage with floor-to-ceiling space for all of your accessories and clothes. From hanging racks to large and small shelving, this space is ideal for individuals with large wardrobes!


This closet reminds us of an up-scale dressing room where attendants find and bring clothes to meet your tastes. Don’t you agree? This walk-in closet brings the boutique dressing room feel to your home with its glass doors and cube-style shelving. With plenty of hanging space for dress shirts, jackets and even little black dresses, we love the dedicated shelving to collared shirts as well as the overhead storage for larger items.


This closet brings a new meaning to the idea of a “walk-in” closet as this is much more of a room itself. The floor to ceiling structures add a modern feel to the otherwise floating shelving. With plenty of storage on both sides, this room also features a sitting area anchored by a dark rug that contrasts nicely against white walls and the white floor. Walkin12

Masculine in design and decor, the dark floor-to-ceiling shelving creates a clean look while offering ample space for clothes and accessories. Large doors open to hanging areas that offer bottom and top storage. An open area features inset lighting that showcases hanging clothes which reflects similar lighting in the shoe display across the room.


This dual purpose room hosts a hidden closet as well as free-standing shelving in the rear of the room. With an all-white design enhanced by brown and black accents, the white closet doors hide the inset closet in plain sight. The sliding doors streamline the design and open to a hanging space, cube-style shelving and drawers. The freestanding space is a more decorate focal point and reflects an industrial style that showcases the wardrobe as functional décor.


This closet actually resembles a museum showcase, wouldn’t you agree? The under-cabinet lighting gives both a beautiful and functional effect. The wood finish creates a nice backsplash for the hanging area, which is rather large in design, and is continued in the cabinetry below where there is plenty of room to store accessories and other items.


Thanks to a unique modular rack in the middle of the room, this closet looks functional, simple and industrial in style. An open concept space, the free-standing shelving serves to divide the room. Three columns of overhead storage, hanging space, modular shelving as well as an open floor space add interest and functionality to the room without adding clutter.


Divided by a glass wall, this walk-in closet makes every item in the closet seem like a work of art. Mounted bracket columns add support to floating-style shelving that features cube-style cubbies and trays for collared shirts. We love the open flooring of half of the module that allow for larger items to be stored easily and without great restraint.


Another closet featuring sliding doors, this light wood design is much like the others we’ve seen. The overhead storage is ideal for luggage and rarely used items, which opens up space below for ease of access to more commonly used accessories. Ample hanging space makes items easy to find and is paired with deep drawers on one side and dedicated shirt shelving on the other.


From a white ceiling to white shelving down to the white floor, the only hint of color found in this room is in the black and grey found in the clothes, accessories and the rug. The natural light makes this room feel spacious in design with floor to ceiling shelving for hanging clothes and accessories. Our favorite detail is the long wall of drawers that put extra items out of sight but not out of mind.


This space actually looks more like a sitting area than a closet but, in fact, it is part of a large closet design. The hanging mirror doubles as a jewelry armoire and opens to feature hanging hooks for necklaces and earrings as well as small shelving for rings and jewels. The neutral color palette and the chair add to the charm of this space and make it feel relaxing and cozy.


The first closet on our list that features color, this closet boasts a light shade of pink on its walls for a feminine feel. We love the hanging frame that adds warmth to the design as well as the functional ironing board that make getting ready a breeze! Wicker baskets roll out like drawers for added storage with extra space for intimates and hanging clothes above and below.


This long walk-in closet seems more like a gallery to display clothing for a boutique than an actual closet itself! With floor to ceiling shelving, there is room for practically every piece of clothing and accessory imaginable. Inset shelving, pullout drawers and endless hanging space are ideal for displaying your favorite items. But, our favorite is the hide-away rack for those endless pairs of shoes!


Like the last closet on our list, this closet features on of our favorite elements of design: a hide-away shoe storage. This display style allows shoes to be organized but out of sight to allow room for other storage needs. A slide-out design, it literally puts shoes on display so that the perfect outfit can be selected for any of your style needs.


It’s usually quite rare to not have a door between a bedroom and a walk-in closet but this design is beautiful and spacious with its corridor type closet that opens into the bedroom. The wall of shelving on each side of the hall offer endless storage for clothing and accessories. What’s even better is the fact that everything is neatly tucked away behind the doors and in drawers to add to the beauty of this look.

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