24 Most Jaw-Dropping Celebrity Homes & Private Compounds

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We all want to live the life of a celebrity, mainly because it seems so lavish. Being famous also usually comes with being rich, meaning that celebs can afford some of the best houses in the world. These houses tend to be mind blowing and over the top with their luxury amenities.

When getting a house like one of these, it can be hard to give it all up, but some celebrities do just that for one reason or another. However, the ones that they have bought are still simply amazing, and here are the 24 best that have been bought. (images from BroBible and MLS)


This home belongs to former MLB star Steve Finley and his wife, interior designer Amy Finley and includes a theater with a full size screen.


This house in the hills of Bel-Air is home to Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. It includes a rec center and cost more than $10 million for 9,200 square feet.


This is the second home of actor Matt Damon in Miami, Florida and overlooks the bay. Included for the high price tag is a guest home and an oceanside pool.


Pop singer Rihanna’s home in Southern California comes with a private are for swimming and had a price tag of more than $10 million.


“American Idol” judge and singer Jennifer Lopez spent almost $20 million in the Hamptons to get away from the public with her private pool and multiple fireplaces.


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