Every Man’s Dream: 24 State-of-the-Art Man Caves that will Blow Your Mind

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When buying a new home, most men ensure that the house meets their basic needs while quietly, and sometimes not so quietly, dream of a place to call their own in what’s known as the man cave. From garages and unfinished basements to house additions, man caves offer men a place to hang out with friends to enjoy the big game or to quietly relax after a long day at work. While most man caves feature work benches and a television, we found 24 state of the art man caves that are absolutely perfect from floor to ceiling and offer endless entertainment!


This man cave was designed with football in mind and made sure that every seat in the house offers a great view of the game. From the three televisions on the back walls to the screen on the other, the largest television is not even pictured! From the raised turf flooring to the luxury leather couches, this room is perfect for any Washington Redskins NFL game.


Man caves don’t have to be over the top to be incredible! This room is fairly simple in design as it looks to be a roof off of the main house. A wall featuring three televisions as well as a hanging speaker system ensures that no sporting event will ever be missed! We love the full bar and the true cave-type feel of this space.


A movie lover’s heaven, this stunning man cave is ideal for box office hits both new and old! With theater seating in a multi-level design featuring couches and recliners, the room offers great views of the large television screen with ample storage in wall-to-wall cabinetry below. In true movie theater style, the movie posters and brass floor divider nicely finish off this design.

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