Every Man’s Dream: 24 State-of-the-Art Man Caves that will Blow Your Mind

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From football to movie theaters, man caves can take on a variety of designs. Here, we see a classic bar style with a mixed theme of arcade, poker and sports. The basement style design featuring brick walls and columns as well as the hardwood floors give this space an intimate feel.  We especially love the masculinity of the classic poker table and leather frame chairs.


Blake’s Place is a true man cave from floor to ceiling with its L-shaped row of leather recliners and hanging television screens. There’s no doubt that this man cave is the prime place to be for college and NFL football games. From the neon beer signs to the displays of sports memorabilia, Blake’s man cave is top-notch for enjoyment.


While most man caves are designed around football, sports and poker games, some men have other hobbies. This room is dedicated to military memorabilia and features a stunning display of wall-to-wall military weaponry from floor to ceiling. Less focus is placed on comfort in this room simply to save floor space to displace vintage military collectors’ items.


This exquisite man cave celebrates hunting and pool, keeping in tradition with many typical hunter refuges and bars seen around the world. From the trophy mounts hanging on the walls to the horned chandelier over the dining table, this room is truly masculine in design. We love the stone fireplace and leather riveted pool table that bring this design together.

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