Stunning Transformations: 25 Interior Designs to Revitalize and Rejuvenate Your Home

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While we can’t quite figure out what type of room this is, we can’t deny the beauty of these walls! Here, the patterned walls give a three dimensional feel as though water is dropping down and creating a ripple. Whatever the purpose of the room and wherever it is, we love the effect and the elegance that it brings!


As we all know, people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, or so the saying goes. However, who wouldn’t want to live in this exotic beauty? A four-level glass design leaves little to the imagination in this home but we absolutely love the simplicity and elegance it brings not to mention the breathtaking landscape!


Fireplaces are usually pretty standard brick and mortar pieces with very little creativity outside of decorative mantle pieces or custom designs. However, this fireplace takes the cake with its design that looks straight out of a Tim Burton film. From the clawed base to the pointed openings and the wrapping chimney, we can’t get over this incredible yet functional design. We also love the mirror design in the stair railing!


From the stories of pirates in childhood fairytales, many children dream of living on pirate ships, flying through the air with fairies and avoiding alligators while crossing moats. This room brings such childhood dreams to life by creating a loft-like ship with a rope bridge and an underwater theme. Who would want to grow up with an amazing room like this?


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