Stunning Transformations: 25 Interior Designs to Revitalize and Rejuvenate Your Home

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We admit that installing hardwood floors and even tile is often a difficult chore for even the professionals, much less the novice do-it-yourself folks.  Can you imagine how much planning would have to go into laying this floor? An incredible feat, we applaud the individuals who took the time to plan and lay this unique and gorgeous work of art!


As loft and apartment dwellers, you’ll never have to worry about a bad view again with these designed shades. Designed based on the view of your choice, you can pull these shades down during the day to create a unique view using the natural light. Or, you can pull them down at night for a city skyline that will make even the neighbors envious.


Often, when we think of wallpaper we think of vintage floral patterns or stripes, monochromatic color schemes or basic textures. This wallpaper, however, takes on a whole new meaning with its special design. The gorgeous hardwood floors and the white couch make this outer space wall the true focal point, which works to make the room like bigger than before.


Very few people can say that they have a tree growing through their house. We actually found one of those people with this huge tree growing through the center of the home. This design seems completely intentional with the circular ceiling cutout that allows the tree and vines to climb to the upper levels. We love the simple design of the room and the natural lighting that complement the look nicely!

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