Stunning Transformations: 25 Interior Designs to Revitalize and Rejuvenate Your Home

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Many people are content with a standard looking home with traditional paint colors and designs, having little desire to do anything too drastic to alter the home’s appearance or style. For others, the traditional style is simply not enough as they want to take their home over the top or to the next level. While it may cost a little extra to make your home into the design dream that you have always wanted, after you see some of these designs, you’ll realize that it was all worth it in the end. Here are 25 eye-popping interior design ideas that are sure to awe and inspire.


Do you love to skateboard? Have you ever considered bringing the skate park to your backyard? Why not go a step further and transform the interior of your home into a fully functional and private skate park like the one we see here?  With walls covered in a specialized material for skating and endurance over wear and tear, this indoor skate park is ideal for even the greatest enthusiasts seeking to show off their skills.


Built straight from a storybook, this fairy tale bedroom truly comes to life with a breathtaking frame designed to look like trees. From the whimsical rug to unique headboard, this design is remarkable and quite charming! We love that the patterned duvet of tree branches and blooms is reflected in the mural on the wall, giving the room a beautiful finish.


Do you have an old bike in the garage that’s simply gathering dust? Why not transform your bike and your bathroom into a conversation piece? Here, we see a modern design that uses the bicycle as a base rather than the standard cabinetry. With a top-of-the-counter sink and added storage with the basket, what more could you need?


While we can’t quite figure out what type of room this is, we can’t deny the beauty of these walls! Here, the patterned walls give a three dimensional feel as though water is dropping down and creating a ripple. Whatever the purpose of the room and wherever it is, we love the effect and the elegance that it brings!


As we all know, people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, or so the saying goes. However, who wouldn’t want to live in this exotic beauty? A four-level glass design leaves little to the imagination in this home but we absolutely love the simplicity and elegance it brings not to mention the breathtaking landscape!


Fireplaces are usually pretty standard brick and mortar pieces with very little creativity outside of decorative mantle pieces or custom designs. However, this fireplace takes the cake with its design that looks straight out of a Tim Burton film. From the clawed base to the pointed openings and the wrapping chimney, we can’t get over this incredible yet functional design. We also love the mirror design in the stair railing!


From the stories of pirates in childhood fairytales, many children dream of living on pirate ships, flying through the air with fairies and avoiding alligators while crossing moats. This room brings such childhood dreams to life by creating a loft-like ship with a rope bridge and an underwater theme. Who would want to grow up with an amazing room like this?


We admit that installing hardwood floors and even tile is often a difficult chore for even the professionals, much less the novice do-it-yourself folks.  Can you imagine how much planning would have to go into laying this floor? An incredible feat, we applaud the individuals who took the time to plan and lay this unique and gorgeous work of art!


As loft and apartment dwellers, you’ll never have to worry about a bad view again with these designed shades. Designed based on the view of your choice, you can pull these shades down during the day to create a unique view using the natural light. Or, you can pull them down at night for a city skyline that will make even the neighbors envious.


Often, when we think of wallpaper we think of vintage floral patterns or stripes, monochromatic color schemes or basic textures. This wallpaper, however, takes on a whole new meaning with its special design. The gorgeous hardwood floors and the white couch make this outer space wall the true focal point, which works to make the room like bigger than before.


Very few people can say that they have a tree growing through their house. We actually found one of those people with this huge tree growing through the center of the home. This design seems completely intentional with the circular ceiling cutout that allows the tree and vines to climb to the upper levels. We love the simple design of the room and the natural lighting that complement the look nicely!


Never worry about tripping over something in the floor during one of the middle of the night treks to the restroom. These implanted floor lights look stunning against the tile backdrop and modern bathroom fixtures. Not only are the lights functional, they are a great surprise for guests, not to mention a nice conversation piece!


From pirate ships to playhouses, this list seems to have it all when it comes to children’s rooms. If your child has always wanted a treehouse, this loft-style house is perfect! With a white and turquoise look from the wall colors to the chevron ottoman, the beach look is clean and refreshing. We love the small details from the window boards to the sign above the door!


Avid readers always crave a quaint reading nook where they can relax to enjoy their latest great find at the library or bookstore. We are fairly certain we found the best of the best with this nook that allows readers to lie down with a gorgeous view! A simple design, the shape is unique and offers a remarkable and relaxing view.


Do you love a good spook or scare? If so, whether for Halloween or just for fun, this chandelier is an absolute must. With its intricate webbing and tree-like design, when it’s switched on it casts spooky shadows throughout the room as though you’ve gotten lost deep into the woods.


From the Tim Burton-like fireplace before to this exquisite rock design, our list is taking fireplaces to new heights of inspiring perfection! This nature-inspired fireplace is whimsical and ornate with its intricate placement and design. From its groundwork to its greatest height, this is one fireplace where a mantle is far from needed as the spiral of rocks is magnificent.


While this room looks extremely traditional when the lights are on, it is an entirely different story in the dark. Bringing inspiration, exploration and adventure, this outer space themed room comes to life when the lights are off. Whether a teen’s room or a child, we’re pretty sure this incredible design will be appreciated by many!


If you’re familiar with wood whether in terms of design and crafts to use in fireplaces, you know that it often splits in odd places and takes different shapes. When extreme splits happen, especially in crafts or design, the wood is discarded for a better or whole alternative. That’s not the case here where a crafted piece of glass serves to fill the gaps between two beautiful pieces of wood to create a modern and unique table.


It has often been said that everyone sees color differently from the clarity to the various hues. Regardless, we have no doubt that this intricate glass window of color will be widely appreciated by all. Made of tiny squares of colored glass, the effect of light shining through onto the wall and staircase is absolutely breathtaking.


Almost every house needs extra storage. This design takes storage to a new level by incorporating functionality into design. By using the stairwell, the designer has added an outstanding array of storage from the stairs themselves to the space underneath. Usually, stairwells create much wasted space but this design makes use of every nook and cranny!


Chic and modern, elegant and breathtaking, this room is at the top of our list for its uniqueness. In this room, guests feel like they are sitting behind the clock of the Big Ben tower in London while flipping through a magazine or watching television. With a breathtaking view and a sleek design, who wouldn’t want to spend their time here?


We’ve seen a pirate ship and a playhouse but this room takes the idea of a treehouse to a whole new level. From the wall mural of the tree itself to its branches on the ceiling, it’s easy to feel as though a tree is growing directly in the room.  With a private staircase into a room above, this must be the greatest hideaway we have ever seen.


This room is the most peaceful and relaxing on our list with a sunk-in floor and plush seating. With hardwood floors and minimal décor, there are multiple focal points of the room. With bookshelves lining the room near the ceiling to the gorgeous gardens outside, we have little doubt that this is a place of peace and tranquility.


Is that really a floor? That’s right. There is only one way to get into the other room and that’s by crossing this hallway that features a glass floor. In this beautiful beach house built on and around the water, the floor adds to the unique beauty by offering residents and guests a sneak peek into the waters below.


Are you an avid reader but have little room for your growing library of bestsellers and classics?  This design utilizes a high ceiling for additional shelving to house an endless supply of books. To top off the design, it features a ladder that allows you to immerse yourself in a world of words.

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