Designing with Dark Cabinets: 26 Kitchens to Inspire

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Kitchens are the one room in the house that get more foot traffic than any other. Some people often get tired of looking at the same boring cabinetry and appliances every day and opt for a change by remodeling or renovating their kitchen for an entirely new look and style. If you are considering a remodel or renovation for your kitchen, have you considered dark cabinets in your new design? If not, take a look at these 26 gorgeous kitchen designs featuring dark cabinets that make these rooms truly magnificent.


This expansive kitchen features gorgeous stained dark cabinets with modern stainless steel appliances that add to this luxurious feel. The unique granite backsplash and countertops create a marble swirl with colors that reflect and enhance the darker stained cabinetry. The hanging lighting also ties together the brown, yellow and red hues of both the countertops and the cabinets.

Thanks to dark brown stained cabinets and matching hardwood floors, the countertops encircling the kitchen and the center island look brighter than ever. We love the ceiling-height cabinetry and the inset ceiling that give this room added height and depth. With an understated elegance, the deco is minimal, allowing the cabinetry’s beauty to truly speak for itself.


With a deep wood stain, these dark cabinets are perfect against a marble countertop featuring an inset cook stove. With white ceilings and walls, the cabinetry is enhanced by the natural light and by the overhead lighting above the island. We especially love the added touch of the glass-paned cabinets that creates a beautiful element of design.

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