Designing with Dark Cabinets: 26 Kitchens to Inspire

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The cabinets in this kitchen do not seem as dark as the others we’ve seen so far on the list but this has much to do with the expansive windows both in and above the kitchen. In a semi-circular shape, this open concept kitchen takes its design to, literally, new heights! From the light colored floor tile to the white walls, the dark cabinetry is paired well with darker countertops and subtle inset lighting.

This kitchen takes luxury to new levels with its black and gold theme. Unlike the other kitchens we’ve seen, this design opted for black cabinetry with gold trim and accents highlighted by both a white backsplash and countertops. For added contrast, the ceilings were painted white and feature dark panels and white trim that pair nicely with the starburst like lighting. Everything here, from the chandelier to the flooring, exudes elegance!


Take a look at this kitchen and tell us what’s not to love? That’s right. In addition to a gorgeous design there are two televisions, one above the microwave and one in the island itself! Apart from the televisions, this design is incredible with its dark cabinetry contrasted against lighter hardwood floors. The white ceiling and inset lighting illuminate the stainless steel vent hood in addition to the other appliances and chrome barstools.


At first glance, this kitchen may feel like it has quite a lot of red. From the dark stained cabinets that feature a red hue to the deep reddish brown hardwood flooring, the only actual red accent pieces in the room are on the barstools and in the rug. Contrasted with off-white ceilings and cream countertops, this look is unique in its use of the natural hues from the wood to enhance and complement the design.

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