Designing with Dark Cabinets: 26 Kitchens to Inspire

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With an island that seems to run the length of the kitchen, you can easily imagine relaxing over a morning cup of coffee and enjoying the view from one of the plush barstools. With gorgeous brown cabinets running floor to ceiling, this design works well with complementary colors especially with the tinted marble countertops that pair nicely with the wood stain and accent pieces from the lighting to the pots hanging above the sink.


Painted ceilings are often considered a rarity in homes. This kitchen gives us a glimpse into a beautiful pairing of the yellow ceiling and walls against dark cabinets. For an added complement, it seems as though the paint was matched to bring out the hardwood floors as well. From the marble countertops to the plush yellow barstools, this kitchen is one of the top on our list for design and elegance.


This kitchen may not be the largest on our list but it looks wonderful thanks to a wide range of colors that work well to complement one another. The contrast between the light colored walls and countertops is ideal against dark cabinets with elegant upper crown molding. The island in the center of the kitchen adds interest with its slate gray cabinets that mirror the stainless steel appliances nicely.


The island in this kitchen offers ample room for sitting and enjoying a meal while scanning a magazine or watching television, which is conveniently placed above the microwave. The dark cabinets are simple in design and offer clean lines that work well with the streamlined white countertops and modern steel chairs to create a look we love.

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