Designing with Dark Cabinets: 26 Kitchens to Inspire

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Kitchens are the one room in the house that get more foot traffic than any other. Some people often get tired of looking at the same boring cabinetry and appliances every day and opt for a change by remodeling or renovating their kitchen for an entirely new look and style. If you are considering a remodel or renovation for your kitchen, have you considered dark cabinets in your new design? If not, take a look at these 26 gorgeous kitchen designs featuring dark cabinets that make these rooms truly magnificent.


This expansive kitchen features gorgeous stained dark cabinets with modern stainless steel appliances that add to this luxurious feel. The unique granite backsplash and countertops create a marble swirl with colors that reflect and enhance the darker stained cabinetry. The hanging lighting also ties together the brown, yellow and red hues of both the countertops and the cabinets.

Thanks to dark brown stained cabinets and matching hardwood floors, the countertops encircling the kitchen and the center island look brighter than ever. We love the ceiling-height cabinetry and the inset ceiling that give this room added height and depth. With an understated elegance, the deco is minimal, allowing the cabinetry’s beauty to truly speak for itself.


With a deep wood stain, these dark cabinets are perfect against a marble countertop featuring an inset cook stove. With white ceilings and walls, the cabinetry is enhanced by the natural light and by the overhead lighting above the island. We especially love the added touch of the glass-paned cabinets that creates a beautiful element of design.


The cabinets in this kitchen do not seem as dark as the others we’ve seen so far on the list but this has much to do with the expansive windows both in and above the kitchen. In a semi-circular shape, this open concept kitchen takes its design to, literally, new heights! From the light colored floor tile to the white walls, the dark cabinetry is paired well with darker countertops and subtle inset lighting.

This kitchen takes luxury to new levels with its black and gold theme. Unlike the other kitchens we’ve seen, this design opted for black cabinetry with gold trim and accents highlighted by both a white backsplash and countertops. For added contrast, the ceilings were painted white and feature dark panels and white trim that pair nicely with the starburst like lighting. Everything here, from the chandelier to the flooring, exudes elegance!


Take a look at this kitchen and tell us what’s not to love? That’s right. In addition to a gorgeous design there are two televisions, one above the microwave and one in the island itself! Apart from the televisions, this design is incredible with its dark cabinetry contrasted against lighter hardwood floors. The white ceiling and inset lighting illuminate the stainless steel vent hood in addition to the other appliances and chrome barstools.


At first glance, this kitchen may feel like it has quite a lot of red. From the dark stained cabinets that feature a red hue to the deep reddish brown hardwood flooring, the only actual red accent pieces in the room are on the barstools and in the rug. Contrasted with off-white ceilings and cream countertops, this look is unique in its use of the natural hues from the wood to enhance and complement the design.

With an island that seems to run the length of the kitchen, you can easily imagine relaxing over a morning cup of coffee and enjoying the view from one of the plush barstools. With gorgeous brown cabinets running floor to ceiling, this design works well with complementary colors especially with the tinted marble countertops that pair nicely with the wood stain and accent pieces from the lighting to the pots hanging above the sink.


Painted ceilings are often considered a rarity in homes. This kitchen gives us a glimpse into a beautiful pairing of the yellow ceiling and walls against dark cabinets. For an added complement, it seems as though the paint was matched to bring out the hardwood floors as well. From the marble countertops to the plush yellow barstools, this kitchen is one of the top on our list for design and elegance.


This kitchen may not be the largest on our list but it looks wonderful thanks to a wide range of colors that work well to complement one another. The contrast between the light colored walls and countertops is ideal against dark cabinets with elegant upper crown molding. The island in the center of the kitchen adds interest with its slate gray cabinets that mirror the stainless steel appliances nicely.


The island in this kitchen offers ample room for sitting and enjoying a meal while scanning a magazine or watching television, which is conveniently placed above the microwave. The dark cabinets are simple in design and offer clean lines that work well with the streamlined white countertops and modern steel chairs to create a look we love.


From the ceiling high cabinetry to the countertops and down to the tile floor, we aren’t quite sure where to begin with this kitchen masterpiece! With a stunning stone backsplash against dark cabinets, this look is elegant and welcoming. Otherwise neutral walls and stainless appliances are accented by the red cushioned barstools and the red napkins on each place setting.


With a unique design, this kitchen brings elegance to the traditional style from the cabinetry and tile work to the functional bar. The dark cabinetry is enhanced with ample lighting that is both inset into the painted ceiling and hanging over the bar itself. The cream, brown and red hues of this kitchen are interwoven from the cabinetry and tile backsplash behind the stove to the countertops, barstools and flooring.


One of our favorite kitchens on the list, this black and white kitchen offers simplistic elegance and a modern design. White walls and countertops offer a stark contrast against the black cabinets and stainless appliances. With gorgeous light hardwood floors offering color, there seems to be another splash of color and interest in the small tiled backsplash just behind the stove.


One of the first kitchens on our list that features carpet and an adjoining dining room, this kitchen also has a black and white theme. Where traditional meets modern, the black cabinetry against white walls is a beautiful contrast especially with the black border next to the ceiling. With otherwise neutral colors, the use of red in the curtains as well as in the settings for the bar and table truly bring this design together.


Cabinets that run from floor to ceiling offer added height and depth to the room as you see here. The dark cabinetry against both a white ceiling and floor is a gorgeous contrast that adds greater light and charm to the room. Again, stainless steel appliances offer a sleek look that is reflected in the tile backsplash as well as in the light fixture, chairs and place settings.


Subtle elegance and a sleek design embody this kitchen. Here, the look feels a bit masculine with black cabinets and slate gray and white countertops encircling the walls of the kitchen. The use of green accents is a nice addition of color while the center island anchors the room with its darker countertop and steel braces that give this kitchen a modern edge.


One of the most unique kitchens on our list, this cabin design features a stone fireplace stove and a beautiful wood ceiling with inset lighting. From the mix of the dark red cabinets and the hardwood floors to the island and dark grey countertops, what isn’t to love about this room?


A different shade of brown than we’ve seen before, this kitchen offers a traditional design with dark cabinets against ecru walls. The white ceiling and wide crown molding add to the luxuriousness of the design, carrying out the white theme in the backsplash as well as in the frosted pantry door.


This kitchen seems like it has an entire floor of the house to itself and, while most of us probably don’t have kitchens this size, it doesn’t hurt to enjoy the design. Here, lighting is key as the inset lights as well as the hanging fixtures are gorgeous additions to the room that enhance not only the cabinets but the countertops as well as the floor.

Dark5Another favorite on the list, this kitchen features its own stone fireplace with exquisite wood ceilings and inset lighting. With a true cabin-like feel, the dark wood cabinets are traditional in design and are topped with gray marble countertops that work well with the fireplace. An island featuring the sink makes the view while doing even the dishes all the more enjoyable!


A massive room with great length, this kitchen is remarkable in its use of natural colors to create a crisp design. Dark lower cabinets create an open concept and allow for ample views from the sink and bar area. A solid white island serves as an anchor for the kitchen and contrasts beautifully with the dark countertops and wood molding above. Glass paned cabinets display silver accent pieces that enhance the overall design.


Again, we see the use of black and white in the kitchen and how different each design can be when it comes to style and preference. Black cabinets line the room and provide additional lighting that reflects off of the stark white ceiling. Lighter countertops with black specks tie in the design especially with the white flooring, doors and trim.


Truly one of its kind, this kitchen design features lighter cabinets with a dark island surrounded by dark chairs. The light brown cabinets against the brick walls are accentuated with the above and below cabinet lighting. The vent hood over the stove and the appliances tie in nicely with the darker island and the countertops. The use of greenery in addition to the glass-paned cabinets adds ample color throughout the kitchen


A modern kitchen that features a television and a workstation for a laptop, this black and white kitchen is sophisticated. The black cabinets are contrasted against a light ecru wall with white trim and lighter floor tile. Black and white marble countertops and the tiled backsplash behind the workstation serve to finish off the design.

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